The Carver Career Center is here to help you find the right direction for your career and help you embark on a path to job satisfaction and overall happiness. The average person spends over a third of their life at work and if your job or career isn’t providing you with satisfaction then that can make for one unhappy and unbalanced lifestyle. Not to fear though our experienced recruiter Mark is here to help you get on track. It may be that you are already in the career of your dreams but want to move up the ladder. It may be that you haven’t even started your career journey yet and are starting out for the very first time or, you could have had a career break due to personal circumstances or redundancy and need help getting back in the game. If the latter applies to you then we’ve pulled you some great advice from Barclays Bank that discusses the programmes they offer to help people like you embark on a new path after having had a break from their careers.

It is interesting that some of the main focuses in Barclays training are on the kind of skills that you really do need anywhere in your working career; networking, communication, stamina, coaching and so forth. When you have been out of the game for a long time it is easy to let some of these everyday work skills get a little rusty and it is common for under confidence to creep in. But don’t worry, this site is going to give you heaps of tips and signpost you to lots of great training and advice sites that will help get you ready to face the recruitment process and world of work in no time at all.